Using Classroom Projection Control Systems
Posted by Charles Oliff on 10 September 2014 04:42 PM

The IT Center has installed a projector, video player, PC, and external inputs in most of our classrooms with a variety of control interfaces.  We have a few types of control interface types with a few flavors of one of the interface types.  Below is a table listing each instructional space that contains a projection system.  Where it lists the interface type, there is a link to a PDF of instructions for that type of control.  Below the chart, there is a brief overview of each type and a link to a PDF of instructions on how to identify and use them. 


Building Room Interface Type
Bowman 020 New AMX Keypad
  024 AMX Touch Panel
  025 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  026 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  101 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  103 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  104 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  109 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  110 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  111 SmartBoard
  209 SmartBoard
  220 New AMX Keypad
  301 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  307 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  310 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  310 SmartBoard
  312 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  313 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  314 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  315 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  316 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  319 Upgraded AMX Keypad
Carter 001 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  010 SmartBoard
Cole Basement Room Upgraded AMX Keypad
Equestrian Center 1 Remotes/Other
Flory 201 New AMX Keypad
  202 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  203 SmartBoard
  204 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  214 New AMX Keypad
  219 Flory 219 Instructions
  301 SmartBoard
  302 New AMX Keypad
  313 AMX Touch Panel
Funkhouser CNF Remotes/Other
Link 303 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  310 Upgraded AMX Keypad
McKinney 100 New AMX Keypad
  110 Remotes/Other
  123 New AMX Keypad
  124 New AMX Keypad
  126 AMX Touch Panel
  129 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  131 New AMX Keypad
  135 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  137 SmartBoard
  213 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  217 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  219 New AMX Keypad
  221 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  223 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  226 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  228 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  247 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  333 New AMX Keypad
  335 New AMX Keypad
  337 New AMX Keypad
  338 New AMX Keypad
  345 Upgraded AMX Keypad
Memorial 003 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  013 Remotes/Other
  024 Remotes/Other
Moomaw 200 New AMX Keypad
  202 New AMX Keypad
  203 New AMX Keypad
Nininger 024 New AMX Keypad
  025 Remotes/Other
  209 Upgraded AMX Keypad
  210 Upgraded AMX Keypad
Rebecca LAB (DML) Remotes/Other
  • AMX Keypads

    • We have 2 flavors of the AMX Keypads that we refer to as Upgraded and New.

    • Upgraded AMX Keypads:

    • These are either silver or black and have DVD and VCR buttons.

  • AMX Touch Panels

  • Touch panels are in three rooms - McKinney 126, Bowman 24, and Flory 313.

  • Using the Touch Panel Controls (pdf)  

  • SmartBoards

    • SmartBoard setups are slightly different for each room.  

      • Note: all of the below functions can also be controlled via the SmartBoard Remote but not all locations have a remote.

      • They can be powered on via the power button on the control pad located usually on the bottom left of the SmartBoard or with the provided remote.  

      • The input can be selected, depending on the SmartBoard model, either by pressing the button labeled with the desired input or by pressing the input cycle button to cycle between inputs.  

      • To power them off, simply press the power button once to get the confirmation message and again to confirm you wish to power off.

    • Using SmartBoards.

    • SmartBoard floating tools quick reference guide.

  • Remotes

    • Systems controlled by remotes are fairly straightforward.  

      • Each remote operates a different component of the system and each component needs to be individually powered on and off.

      • The sound usually runs through a large sound mixer that should have labels to indicate which input button runs PC, VCR, or other component.

      • The projectors are powered on and off by remote.  Note that when you first press to button to power off the projector, it will generally prompt you to press it again to confirm powering off.

Still need help?

If you run into problems, the IT Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm to answer all your technology related questions. Our knowledge base can be accessed 24/7 at or you can call us at x4357 if you are unable to find the answer to your question there.  If you encounter a problem with a classroom or receive an error or warning message, please email with the building & room number and a detailed description of the issue or message so that we can correct it as soon as possible.


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