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Network Account, Password, and Email
Posted by Kristy Rhea on 14 June 2010 01:22 PM

Below are the instructions for activating your account:

  • Obtain username and password. See below for account information:
    •  Username: First initial of your first name and your entire last name, all lowercase.
    • Example: John Smith, jsmith
      • Keep in mind you may have a 2 or 3 after your username such as ssmith3
    • One Time Password: Random password that you are emailed or given when you call.
    • E-mail address: Example:
  • Set up your new password:
    • Your password must be changed before you can access your Google Apps e-mail account, the Bridgewater Network or other Bridgewater applications. You can manage and change your password by clicking on and then choose "Change my Password". 
      • When changing your password, there are minimum password requirements.
      • The password must be at least 8 characters and 3 of the 4 items listed below.
        1. Uppercase letter
        2. Lowercase letter
        3. Number
        4. Special character (i.e. % ! ")
      • You can only change your password once every 24 hours and you cannot use the same password within the last 3 password changes or any part of your name.
  • Access your Google Apps account:

Once you have activated your account by changing the password, it will also be used to access . From MyBC you can access WebAdvisor Self-Service which is the primary interface for accessing your academic information, such as registering for classes and viewing class schedules, grades and financial statements and other information.

If you have questions, please contact the Bridgewater College Help Desk at 540-828-4357 or . It is here that you can find many knowledge-based articles on common issues. You also have the ability to submit a ticket to the helpdesk if you have a problem. We hope you enjoy your new Google Apps account, and have an enjoyable year at Bridgewater College!

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