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Tips on Finding your Data in Colleague
Posted by Connie Minnick on 19 August 2009 08:10 AM

Tips on Finding your Data

· Field Help

o When you are in a screen, place your cursor in the field you want to identify, and hit F1, or click the ? at the top of the UI screen


o Put in a field or computed column name (or partial with …) and find out what file it “lives” in


o Put in a FILE name, and it will show you all the Data fields as well as all the computed columns.


o What files have the same key as a certain file . (ex. If you put in PERSON, it will show you all other files keyed off the person ID, such as APPLICANTS, etc.)


o List elements of an association and what file it lives in (ex APPL.STATUSES)


o Test a Virtual Field (computed column) to see what value it returns

§ MUST be in the correct MODULE for the field you are testing

· Ex CORE for ones in PERSON, ST for ones in APPLICANTS

§ May need a default File Suite year (Finaid, Finance, etc.)


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