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Telephone Features (Fac/Staff Only)
Posted by Kristy Rhea on 13 August 2009 01:52 PM

NOTICE: If you have a cordless phone without a switchhook, you may use the flash key on your phone, in place of the switchhook, in any of the phone feature instructions below.

Summary of Telephone Features
Switchhook* 3Call Hold

* 7Call Waiting
Switchhook* 4Call Back Set

# 4Call Back Cancel

* 5Forward All Calls

# 5Cancel Forward All Calls

* 6Forward Busy/No Answer

# 6Cancel Forward Busy/No Answer
Switchhook* 2Prank Call Notify/Faulty Trunk Report

 * *Last Number Redial

Call Forwarding
There are two ways to call forward as outlined below. It is recommended that you use * 6. This will cover all of your calls in all situations. By default your phone is not forwarded. If you want voice mail to handle any calls that are missed, you must forward your phone to voice mail.

Call Forwarding All Calls
Forwards all your calls to another extension of your choice.
NOTE: If you use this type of call forwarding, your phone will never ring on an incoming outside call.
To forward

 Pick up the handset, press * 5. You will hear a pulsing tone.

Enter the four-digit number of the phone you want your calls forwarded to. (3750 if you want voice mail to answer your calls.) You will then hear a constant tone confirming your forwarding.

 Hang up the handset.

To cancel

 Pick up the handset, press # 5.

Hang up the handset.

Call Forwarding Busy/No Answer
Forwards your calls to another extension of your choice when you are already on your line or you do not answer after 4 rings.
To forward

 Pick up the handset, press * 6. You will hear a pulsing tone.

Enter the four-digit number of the phone you want your calls forwarded to. (3750 if you want voice mail to answer your calls.) You will then hear a constant tone confirming your forwarding.

Hang up the handset.

To cancel

 Pick up the handset, press # 6.

Hang up the handset.

Prank Call Notify/Faulty Trunk Report

To send notifyPress switchhook (or flash) and press * 2 while the prank caller is on the phone.

ExplanationWith a PBX switch we cannot provide you with caller ID. However, you may send a Prank Call Notify to the switch terminal in the Telcom Manager's office. The notify report will show your extension and the extension that is calling you. If the call is coming from off campus, we can provide Student Affairs with the caller ID information if the call came across our Ntelos lines. If the inbound call came across our long distance trunks, we can give Student Affairs the trunk number if you wish to pursue it with the long distance carrier. In addition, if you ever hear crackling or a bad connection on a long distance call, you may use this same feature to alert us of a Faulty Trunk. No matter what you use this for, you should call the Telcom Manager immediately after pressing switchhook * 2, so we can look for the call on the reports.

Call Hold

To setPress switchhook * 3 while the party is on the line. Do not hang up the handset.

To retrieveMethod 1: Press switchhook (or flash).
Method 2: Hang up the handset and the phone will ring.

ExplanationThis feature allows you to put a party on hold so that the party hears no background noise in your room. A party will only be on hold for up to two and a half minutes. After two and a half minutes, the phone will ring you back so no party on hold is forgotten!

Call Back

To setPress switchhook (or flash) and press * 4.

To cancelPress # 4.

ExplanationThis feature works like the camp-on feature of some telephone systems. If the telephone you are calling is busy, press switchhook, * 4 and hang up. When the other party hangs up their phone, your phone will ring. When you lift the handset, the phone of the other party will ring them back. This feature only works for on-campus phones - you cannot use call back for off-campus numbers.

NOTE: You may wish to cancel the Call Back you have set if the other party does not ring back in a timely manner. To cancel, follow the instruction above.

Call Waiting

To sendPress * 7 while hearing the busy signal.

ExplanationInternal phones must send the call waiting signal to other extensions. When you dial and hear a busy signal press * 7 and it sends a call waiting tone to the busy party. When retrieving a call waiting you may press switchhook again and again to go between the two callers. A third party calling you would hear a busy signal and not be able to activate a call waiting tone with * 7.

NOTE: Call waiting is not an option if you have any of the call forward features activated on your phone. Voice Mail overrides the call waiting features and the second caller automatically drops into voice mail.

Last Number Redial

To redialLift the handset and press * *.

ExplanationYour phone will dial the number of your last completed call. If you dial and get a busy signal,  * * does not redial. It will only work on calls where you were connected to another party and talking to the party. This is not a speed dial type function!

Call Transfer

To Transfer

 While the caller is on your line, press switchhook.

Dial the four-digit extension you are transferring to.

Stay on the line to announce the call if desired, and then hang up.

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