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Archiving Old Email
Posted by Kristy Rhea on 31 March 2009 09:08 AM

As time goes on, the amount of email you keep may become cumbersome. If you would like to clean out old email but do not want to delete them permanently you may consider archiving. Please read all information before deciding to archive email!!!

When you archive, it will remove e-mails from a mail folder and place them into a file.  There are two options for accessing those e-mails once archived:

  1. Add the archive file as a data file in Outlook.  This will make them visible under a new 'Archive Folders' section, but only on your desktop machine - they will not be visible in Outlook Web Access (owa), and they will not be visible on other machines.  Instructions for doing this are at the bottom of the archiving instructions.
  2. Restore the contents of the archive.  This will place all the e-mails back into a folder that will be accessible everywhere you read e-mail.  This is documented in a separate article.
To archive e-mail:

1. In the upper left corner of Outlook, click on File then choose the option Cleanup Tools.

  • In the resulting popup menu choose Archive.

2. In the Archive dialog box, choose Archive this folder and all subfolders.

3. Choose the folder you wish to archive by clicking to highlight.

4. In the Archive items older than drop down box, choose a date that you are comfortable with archiving. 

NOTE: The archive will remove emails from your current folder. You may only want to archive messages older than a few months to reduce the need to view an email you have archived.

5. In the archive file area, choose Browse.

6. Drop the arrow down for the Save in box and choose your S: Personal Files. (You may consider creating a new folder on your S: Drive to better organize your outlook archives.)

7. In the file name box, choose a name that you will recognize if you need to restore these emails at a later date. Example: Deleted Items Dec 08.

8. Click OK

9. Your emails will now start to archive. A status will be shown at the bottom of your screen. NOTE: If you have several emails you are archiving this could take a few minutes.

NOTE: Archiving will remove emails from your current folder and will no longer be visible in Outlook, unless you restore the mail or add a data file.

To add the archive as a data file:

  1. In the menu bar, click 'File', then 'Account Settings, and then choose Account Settings from the menu...'
  2. Click the 'Data Files' tab
  3. Click 'Add...'
  4. Click 'OK' for the file type
  5. Browse for the datafile just created, select it and click 'OK'
  6. Click 'OK' for it to appear under 'Archive Folders'
Now, under your list of folders you will see a new 'Archive Folders', which you can expand and view.
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