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Cable TV does not work in my room
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 August 2009 01:22 PM

If you’re not able to receive any cable TV channels from your dorm room you’re likely connected to the incorrect cable TV outlet.  Many rooms have two cable TV outlets.  Only one of these outlets have signal on them.  The outlet that usually works is the bottom connector but not in all instances.  Try switching the cable to the other outlet and see if that helps.  In addition often during the move from home to campus the center pin on the TV cable can become bent or broken.  If this pin is not in its proper place the cable will not properly conduct the TV signal.  TV cables can be purchased at the IT Center, 200 Bowman Hall.


Some TV's do not pickup the digital channels when performing a channel scan.  It has come to our attention that some TV's require a passcode or a special procedure be followed to 'unlock' or 'enable' clear QAM support which is what is required to view channels on our new digital cable system.  If after a channel scan your TV still does not have additional channels beyond CH4 which is the only analog channel on our system we advise that you contact the customer support for your specific TV.  The contact information should be on the manual or other paperwork that came with the TV, it may be on a label under or on the back of the TV or by searching the web.


TV Brands to avoid (these brands typically do not support QAM tuners):










The IT Center is currently researching external tuner box's that work with our cable service.  We will update this article as we have more information.


The following models of digital to analog converter box's are known to NOT work on campus:


Insignia NS-DXA2

iView 3500STBII

The following models we have CONFIRMED work on campus:

Channel Master CM-7001 - Discontinued

Channel Master CM-7003 - Replaces CM-7001

PHD - PHD-8VX2 - Note this unit does not have an RF output (requires HDMI or Component or Composite inputs on your TV to work) 

PHD - PHD-208  - Note this unit does not have an RF output (requires HDMI or Component or Composite inputs on your TV to work)

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