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Malware Overview (informational)
Posted by Aaron Klein on 31 July 2009 04:26 PM
Malware (virus, spyware, root kits, trojans, worms, etc) removal information

This information is being provided to you to help you attempt to remove malware from your system.  There is no guarantee that these tools will be able to clean your computer but these will go a long way in attempting to get your system back to a usable state.

We recommend users use these tools as a front line of defense on removing malware.  Should these tools fail to totally remove the malware from your system you will need to contact a local vendor (list can be provided upon request) to look at your computer.  There are some forms of malware that cannot be removed and will require the system to be reloaded as it came from the factory.  If this occurs data you have saved on the system will be lost if it is not backed up.  If you believe your system is infected with malware you should backup your documents and other personal information as quickly as possible.

On the back we have three sections that contain tools to spot remove malware or applications you can purchase and install to monitor your system for potential malware infection.  

Online scan tools: These are one time online scanners that will check your system on demand.  You can run these scans as frequently as you would like but this service provides no real time protection.  

Scanners to run locally: Include software tools you can download for free to either locally spot check your computer or in the case of Defender provide real time but limited malware protection.  

Anti-malware applications: List several commercial anti-malware software applications that you can purchase if you do not already have an anti-malware product on your system providing real time monitoring and protection.

Anti-malware products will often include additional security products like software firewalls, Identity theft protection, anti-spam filtering, web filtering, computer backup and system tuning applications.  We feel these all inclusive packages are excessive for our users and recommend purchasing only the basic Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware products.  These will have the least impact on overall system performance.

No anti-malware tool is complete without up to date malware information.  It is essential that you configure your software to check for updates daily.  Every day new forms of malware are introduced and the software designed to fight this malware is only as good as the information it has in its database.  Without regular updates the best tool will become useless.  We also suggest configuring your computer to automatically install the latest windows updates.  Microsoft releases updates on the second Tuesday of every month.  Installing these updates as soon as possible will go a long way in protecting your system from various threats.
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