Sending a fax using the print driver
Posted by Aaron Klein on 04 April 2016 02:54 PM

There are two main ways to send a fax using the fax server.  One method is to send a fax using the web interface, the second method which is covered in this article is to print a document to the fax server for sending.

Users can print any digital file to the fax server.  In doing this, a print to fax wizard will start where the user enters all of the information needed to send the printed file as a fax.  To do this open the file you wish to send as a fax.  From the applications menu, select to Print and then select the "Fax Printer".  (Do not select the option that just says "FAX" as this is a built in Windows fax option that is not configured.)  If for some reason you do not see a printer named "Fax Printer" let the Help Desk know as we may need to install the print to fax add-on application.

The system will act like it is printing the file and after a short period of time (upwards to 5-10 seconds) a Print to Fax window will appear.  If you have sent a fax using the web interface the following screens will look very similar.  The first part of the print to fax wizard is to enter the recipient information.  If you have already entered the recipient in the fax server as a contact you can select the "Add from Contacts..." button and select the contact.  If you have not done this you will need to enter the recipients name, company, and fax number.  You can check the box "Also add to Contacts" to have this person added into your fax server contacts list.  When done select the +Add to List button to add the recipient to the list.  Multiple people can be added to the list in the event you need to send this fax to multiple individuals.

Click next when all recipients have been added.

 Print to fax 1

The file you selected to print to the fax printer will already be added to the list of files as a .TIF file.  Should you wish to add additional files, you can do so at this point.  Move the files up and down in the order to arrange how they will appear in the fax once it is sent. Once the order is correct, click the Next button.

print to fax 2

The third step is to enter any cover sheet notes that will be included on the cover sheet of your fax.  A preview of the cover sheet will appear on the right side of this section of the wizard.  You can zoom into the preview and click the refresh button to see any changes you make.  Once you have entered everything you wish to have on the cover sheet in the notes section, click the Next button.

print to fax 3

The last step of the print to fax wizard is to verify that your information is correct.  This is what the system will put on the cover sheet for you so include only what you want to have on the cover sheet.  You can also select to have the fax server delay sending the fax if you wish by checking the box "Delay sending until:" and then clicking the clock icon to select a time.

Once you have finished verifying your information, click the Send button to send the fax.  Depending on your notification settings you may receive emails about the fax's status as it is being sent.

Print to fax 4

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