Sending a fax using the fax server web interface
Posted by Aaron Klein on 04 April 2016 02:35 PM

There are two main ways to send a fax using the fax server.  The first method which we will discuss in this article is to send a fax using the web interface.  The second method which is covered in this article is to use the Fax server print driver to print to the fax server.

To send a fax using the fax server, you must first have the contents of what you want to fax in digital format.  This means that the fax cannot be on paper.  If this is the case, you will first need to scan the items using a scanner and save them someplace temporary, like your desktop on your PC.  Once you have everything you wish to send in digital format, you can continue by logging onto the fax server web interface and click the “New” button when looking at your inbox.

Once you have selected the "New" button the send fax wizard will come up asking you to enter the contact information of the person that is to receive the fax.  If you have previously added this person into the fax server as a contact you may pick the "Add from Contacts..." button to find them.  You can also add this user to your fax server contacts by checking the box "Also add to Contacts" directly under the fax number field.  When you have entered the person’s Name, Company and Fax number (note do not include the starting 9 in the number.  the fax server will add this for you.  just enter the number as you would dial it with out the preceding 9) click the +Add button to add them to the recipient list.  If you have a fax that you will be sending to multiple individuals you can go ahead and add them all at once to this list verses sending the fax multiple times.

Once all of the recipients have been added, click the Next button.

send fax 1


Now you will need to select the files you wish to fax.  The system will generate a cover sheet so you do not need to create one of these.  You may select multiple files to send, in this case use the Move up and Move down buttons to set the order in which the documents will be merged into the fax.  Once all of the files you wish to send are added to the send fax wizard, select the next button.

send fax 2

Only two additional steps left. For the the third step, you will have the ability to enter some cover sheet notes that will appear on the bottom half of the cover sheet.  In addition, you will see a small preview of the top portion of the cover sheet.  You may select a non BC cover sheet or select to have no cover sheet if you wish during this step.  Once you have entered any notes you wish to add, click the Next button to go onto the final step.

send fax 3


On the fourth and final step of the send fax wizard, you will verify that your information is correct, select a fax resolution option, and have the ability to set a delay send time.

Under fax resolution you have two options; Fine or Standard.  I would suggest leaving it at Fine.  You can change it to standard, if you have a very large fax and you are concerned over how long it might take to send.

Verify your name, company, phone and fax number, as well as email address are correct or remove any of these should you so wish.

Lastly, if you wish to delay sending the fax to a specific time, you can do so by checking the "Delay sending until:" box and then using the clock icon to pick a time to have the fax server transmit the fax.

Once you have verified and made any changes you wish to make click, the Send button to send the fax.  Depending on what kind of notification options you have set you may receive emails from the fax server with updates to the fax transmission status.

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