Using the Fax Server web interface
Posted by Aaron Klein on 04 April 2016 01:43 PM

The IT Center has implemented a centralized fax server to lower our operating expenses, as well as provide greater security for offices that might handle sensitive information over fax.  With the centralized fax server all faxes come into the fax server and are then distributed one of three ways.

Faxes can be delivered via email or printed on a network printer.  This article will provide all of the information needed to make use of the fax server’s web interface.

Logging into the fax server 

To login to the fax server, open IE, and enter in the address bar.  (IE is preferred as the fax server requires the Silverlight plugin.)

Once the login page comes up, enter your campus username and password.  The login window should look similar to the image below.



Once logged into the fax server you will see your inbox with any unread faxes listed in bold.  You can also view any faxes that may be in the progress of being sent by looking in the outbox. A list of all the faxes you have sent using the fax server will be in the sent folder or any faxes you may have deleted will be in the trash folder.

fax server inbox

From this screen you can also modify your user preferences, or work with your fax server contacts.

The New Fax button will open a send fax wizard.  Using the send fax wizard will be covered in another article.

The following functions only function after selecting a fax from your list of faxes.

Open - This will open the selected fax in a preview window.  From this window you can view the fax on the screen, view the fax properties, or look at the audit log for the fax.

Print - This option allows you to print the fax to either a list of defined system printers that have been added to the fax server or to a printer that you have access to on your local system.  For example, if you wish to print a fax to a locally attached printer, select the second option. Then select the printer you wish to send the fax to and select print.

Save - Select this option to save the selected fax as a TIFF or PDF file to the local computer or network.

Delete - This option moves the fax from the inbox, outbox or sent folder to the trash.  If you delete a fax that is in the trash folder, it cannot be recovered.

Forward - The forward option allows you to send a copy of the fax to another user on the fax server.  

Route - This option is similar to forward except it does not copy the fax to the other user but moves the fax out of your inbox to the other user’s inbox.

Refresh - The refresh option will refresh the screen in the event that you receive a fax between the time you logged into the fax server and when you selected refresh.

See additional articles on sending a fax via web or print driver, working with contacts and modifying user preferences.

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