Accessing the virtual lab environment from Windows computers
Posted by Aaron Klein on 07 May 2015 03:22 PM

The easiest way to access our virtual lab environment from a Windows 7/8/8.1 computer is to subscribe to the virtual lab remote resource feed.  By subscribing to the feed, links to the published resources will be added to your computers start menu and you can run them directly from the start menu without having to launch any other application.

To subscribe to the remote resource feed from the start menu, search for "Remoteapp".  In Windows 7, enter this in the "Search programs and files" box. For Windows 8/8.1 at the start menu, simply start typing "Remoteapp" to search.  Select "RemoteApp and Desktop Connections" from the search results.  A control panel similar to the one below should open.

Remoteapp control panel

Select the link on the left that says "Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections".  This will launch a new window asking you to enter your email address or connection URL.  Enter your college email address in the field and select "Next".  

Once you have selected next there will be a conformation box that comes up with the connection URL entered, as well as your email address.  Confirm that the connection URL that you see listed on your system corresponds with the URL below and select "Next".

After clicking "Next" on the "Ready to setup the connection" box, a windows security box will open up asking for your username and password.  It is important that you enter your username using the proper format as shown below.  If you do not include the "bridgewater\" in the username field you will not be able to complete the configuration.  After the bridgewater\ add your college username.  It should look something like this, bridgewater\username, in the username field. Next, enter your college password in the password field.  We do not recommend checking the Remember my credentials box as this can cause issues later when your password changes.  After entering your username using the format shown below and your college password click "OK".

One final screen will appear giving you a summary of what resources were added to the system.  Click the "Finish" button to close out of the remote resource feed setup.  At this point, the remote applications can be found in the start menu on your computer under the section "RemoteApp and Desktop Connections" and then "Work Resources".

To run an application, simply select it from the start menu as you would select any other locally installed program.  A RemoteApp window will appear similar to what is below.  You can check the "Don't ask me again..." box if you wish.  As long as the publisher is and the remote computer and gateway computer are as listed below click the connect button.  After a few moments the application should open as if it is running locally.


If you are prompted to enter your username and password remember to put the bridgewater\ before your username or it will not work. 

At some point, you may wish to remove these applications from your start menu.  Maybe you have left the college, are no longer enrolled in a course that requires the use of these resources, or for any other reason you wish to remove the remote resources from your computer, launch the "RemoteApp and Desktop Connections" control panel again by searching "RemoteApp" from the start menu.  You will see something similar to the screen shot below.  This is a summary of the connection.  Included with this is a remove link.  Click Remove, a confirmation box will appear and once you select "Yes" the remote resources will be removed from your computer.  They can be added back at a later date simply by going through the setup process again.

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