Installing RD Client on your personal device
Posted by Aaron Klein on 07 May 2015 01:26 PM

If you are using a Mac running osX, any iOS device, Android device, or Windows 8/8.1 computer you will need to install Microsoft's Remote Desktop Client (RD Client) before you can make use of our virtual lab environment (VDI).

Using the appropriate app store for your device, search "RD Client" or "Microsoft Remote Desktop".  The application will be published by the "Microsoft Corporation" and its icon currently looks like this.


RD Client


Once the application is installed, launch the application.  The following screen shots were taken on an Android device but the application should look very similar on the other platforms.

When you first launch the application you should see the "It's lonely here." message.  It will look similar to the below screen shot.  Click/Touch the + in the upper right corner.  For the Mac platform click the icon that says Remote Resources and move down to the next section that talkes about entering the server url.


First Launch

Select "Remote Resource Feed" from the drop down menu after selecting the +.

Remote Resource Feed

In the Add remote resource feed dialog box, enter your campus email address ( or, where username is of course your college username) in the first field where it asks for your Email or URL.  Note:  for osX users, you will need to enter the actual feed URL as the osX application does not accept your campus email as a valid entry.  Mac users will need to enter ( without the ().

After entering your email address or in the case of Mac users the actual feed URL, select "Choose user account" and select to "Add user account".

In this dialog box, be sure to enter your username correctly.  You will need to put "bridgewater\" in front of your username as it appears in the image below or the application will not be able to authenticate you.  Enter your college password in the password field and select save.  Note: when you change your password you will need to go into the RD Client application and modify this user account information to reflect your new password.


User Account dialog box

After selecting save at the add user account dialog, there will be a final screen that will come up.  For Mac users their is a Refresh button that you need to select.  This final screen will require you to select save one more time.  This is confirming that you wish to add the remote resource to the application.  The feed URL will appear as it does below.  If everything looks as it should select "save" one more time.

Add resource feed

When you are all finished, the application will connect to our servers and log in using your account information.  Once this has been completed, the application will go back to the first screen and there will be two tabs at the top below the words "Microsoft Remote Desktop".  There may be nothing in the Desktops tab as this will depend on if we have deployed a full virtual desktop to your account.  Select the "Apps" tab and you should see something similar to the choices below.  Depending on your account there may be more or less applications listed.  

Web apps published

From this point on, all you need to do is select the application you wish to launch.  After a brief moment or two you should see the application log you into one of our application servers and present to you the application of choice.  

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