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Posted by Aaron Klein on 22 January 2015 10:01 AM

What is Skype for Business? 

Skype for Business is an enterprise class messaging service that can be used to instant message fellow coworkers as well as provide video conferencing functionalty.  Skype for Business integrates with Microsoft Office to show presence information as to if someone is available, busy or out of the office based on the users Outlook calendar.  Skype for Business is supported on all mobile platforms including, Android, Apple and Microsoft Phone as well as Mac and Windows operating systems.  With Skype for Business users can 'whiteboard' ideas, share files, collaborate, desktop sharing as well as application sharing.  

How can I use Skype for Business? 

Users can use Skype for Business to quickly communicate with fellow members of the same or different department.  While our campus is fairly small walking to and from different buildings to ask a simple question can quickly consume at least 30 minutes.  With Skype for Business users can quickly shoot a question to someone and receive a response in a fraction of the time allowing both users to continue their normal duties increasing each users effectiveness.

Users can create ad/hoc 'web conferences' to discuss ideas with BC community as well as non BC community members.  These conferences can be text, voice (with the addition of a conference phone or USB headset) as well as video based, using a webcam.

College employees can now setup their own 'WebEx' or 'GoToMeeting' style web conference with multiple participants sharing a power point document, etc.

Users that do not have the Skype for Business desktop or mobile app installed can still participate in meetings by using the Skype for Business web application.  If the desktop application is not installed the web application will prompt the user to download and run the web application for the meeting.  The web application supports Skype for Business meetings and does not require the participant to have a Skype for Business account.

How do I?

Logging into Skype for Business

 - Enter your campus email address in the field labeled "Sign-in address:” then select the Sign-In button.

 - In the username field enter your campus email address again and then enter your campus password in the password field.  We do not recommend you check the save my password box as this can cause issues when you are required to change your campus password. Then click Sign-In again.


Finding and adding a contact - Finding a campus user in Skype for Business is as simple as typing their name or part of their name in the search field.  This search box will also search your outlook contacts.  Right click on the name of the person you wish to contact and several contact options will appear.  From this point you can do several tasks and have several contact options.

          - You can send the individual an IM message, IM conversations are archived in your Outlook in a folder called "Conversation History".

          - Make a Skype for Business call using a computer USB or Bluetooth based headset and mic

          - Start a video conference with the individual (requires USB or Bluetooth headset and mic and webcam)

          - Send an email message via outlook

          - Schedule a Skype for Business meeting with this individual


Organizing contacts and creating groups

          - Adding a user to your list of Favorites is as simple as typing their name in the search box, right click and select the Add to Favorites menu option.  This user will then be listed in the Favorites section of the application's main interface.

          - To organize users into groups the group(s) first need to be created.  To create a group click on the icon that looks like a person with a plus beside it .  From there select create a new group and in the application's main interface a new group will be listed named "New Group" and you can then name the group what you wish.  Once you have built out the group(s) you can add individuals to those groups the same way you would add them to your Favorites list above except you would select the option to "Add to Contacts List" and then pick the group that you created or wish to put this person into.

          - Users can modify or even delete groups by right clicking on the group name and select the appropriate option to rename or delete, move the group up or down the list of other groups.  In addition users can send a mass IM, Lync call, schedule a meeting or send an email to the entire group from this menu.

Sending an IM

Schedule a Lync Meeting

Lync Meeting Deeper Dive Video

Joining a Lync meeting

Present like a Pro with Lync

Sharing your desktop or select applications during a meeting - Select video 3


Using the mobile version of Lync

Using Lync on an iOS device

Using Lync on an Android device

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