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Privilege Manager
Posted by Aaron Klein on 25 September 2014 02:15 PM


Privilege Manager - What is is?

Privilege Manger Icon

The above icon showing a yellow key with a + beside it shows that Privilege Manger is installed on the system that you are working on.  This is an application deployed by the IT Center to all Faculty and Staff computers.   This tool will permit the automated elevation of select application so users running without administrator credentials will be able to install predefined applications as if they were an administrator.  This tool replaces a previous version called Privilege Authority.  Privilege Manager has some new features which we will be implementing over the coming months and as those features are implemented we will provide further information on those features within this article.

Self Service privileged application request

Privilege Manager allows users to request authorization to run and/or install applications that their user accounts normally would not be permitted to run.  When a user tries to run an installer that requires admin privileges the user will see a UAC prompt asking for a username and password.  If the user clicks NO at that prompt a box similar to the below will appear.  From here the user and submit a request to be able to run this installer in the future.  Please fill out the second box with a description of what this application is needed for and then click the Submit button.

After submission an email will be dispatched to the help desk for processing.  Once your request has been processed you will receive an email that will state if your request has been approved or not.  If approved the next time you go to run the installer the application should install without needing an administrator username and password.  This approval is per user, and per computer.  This means if the request is approved the user will be able to install the requested application on the PC that the request was made.

An additional method users can request permission to install an application is to right click on the installer and select the "Elevate!" menu option.  A screen shot of what that looks like is below.  Once this menu option is selected the self-service form above will appear where you can enter a description of what this application is needed for and an email will be sent to the help desk for processing.  Upon processing an email will be sent to you with respect of if your request has been approved or not.  Again this request is on a per user, per computer basis so be sure to make the request from the PC that you need the application installed.


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