How to run an Identity Finder scan
Posted by Joseph Meslovich on 04 September 2014 02:28 PM

The Identity Finder program can be found on your computer in the Start menu - All Programs - Identity Finder.

The first time that you run Identity Finder you are asked to create a user profile and set a password.  This profile will be used to secure and encrypt the scan results for any scans that you perform on that computer.

Create Profile

Once the profile has been created you will be presented with the "Search Wizard" screen.  On that screen you have three options.

Search Wizard

The first open "Start Search Now" will initiate a search of your office computer and email account with the default categories selected.  The second option "Continue Search Wizard"  will allow you to customize the categories of information searched for and allows for the searching of custom locations. The third option will take you directly to the advanced interface where you can also initiate a search or review the last search performed.

Once initiated the scan will take several hours to run depending on the amount of information being scanned. During the scan you will see a status window that will give you up to the minute statistics on what has been found thus far on your computer.

Status Window

At the end of the scan the advance interface will open and you will be presented with the results it has found. You are then provided with actions that you can perform to either remove the files or secure them if necessary.


The available post scan actions are:

  • Shred - This will securely delete the selected file so that it cannot be recovered
  • Scrub - Redacts the PII information in a given file leaving the rest of the file unchanged. This option is only available for a limited number of file types.
  • Secure - This will place the original file inside a vault file encrypted by Identity Finder. Secured files can only be opened on computers with Identity Finder installed.
  • Quarantine - This will move the original file to a quarantine folder that you setup in Identity Finder.
  • Recycle - Places the file in the computers recycle bin.  It does not securely remove the file.
  • Ignore - The selected file will be ignored in future searches and no longer appears in the results window. This should be used to identify false positive results.

We recommend running Identity Finder scans on a quarterly basis, that way you can keep track of the files containing sensitive data that you are responsible for.  Cleaning up files that are no longer needed is crucial to reducing the impact of this private data getting into the wrong hands.

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