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Frequently Asked Questions about Xfinity on Campus
Posted by Aaron Klein on 31 July 2014 02:26 PM

What is XFINITY on Campus™?

XFINITY on Campus is an IP-TV service from Comcast delivered through the BC network. The same broadcast and cable channels that Comcast already provides to your TV, PLUS XFINITY On DemandTM which gives you the best selection of current TV shows and hit movies, are now available on your laptop or desktop computer. Wherever you are on campus, whether wired or Wi-Fi™, XFINITY on Campus delivers what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

What devices are supported?

XFINITY on Campus is currently available for viewing on PC, Mac, iPhone, 4th generation or later iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices.

XFINITY on Campus requires the following minimum system capabilities:

– RAM: 512 MB minimum

– Video card: 32 MB minimum (128 MB recommended)

– Screen resolution: 800 x 600 minimum (1280 x 1024 recommended)

– Adobe Flash version: 12 or higher


Windows systems:

– Processor: Pentium 4 or newer

– Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 (Metro touch interface not supported)

– Browser: Internet Explorer 9, Safari 6, Firefox 27, or Google Chrome 32… All newer versions ofthese browsers will also work.


Macintosh systems:

– Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor

– Operating system: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

– Browser: Safari 6, Firefox 27, or Google Chrome 32… All newer versions of these browsers will also work.


iOS Support:

– The XFINITY on Campus service works with iPhones, 4th generation or later iPod Touches, andiPads. Note that the AirPlay function is disabled.

– Operating system: iOS 7 or higher


Android Support

– The XFINITY on Campus service is available for Android devices running version 4.0 and up.


The XFINITY on Campus app says I am off-campus and won't let mewatch TV.

XFINITY on Campus requires you to be a current student in good standing, living in on-campus housing, and connected to the campus IP network. Third party networks found on campus or the use of VPNs will not allow you to watch XFINITY on Campus. You must be on the campus IP network.

Still having problems? Contact the IT Center's Help Desk for help.

Why does XFINITY on Campus ask for my BC login?

XFINITY on Campus from Comcast partners with Bridgewater College to deliver broadcast and cable channels PLUS XFINITY On DemandTM, which gives you the best selection of current TV shows and hit movies, to your laptop or desktop computers. These services are offered only to students living on campus while connected to the campus IP network.

Your Bridgewater College login is used to verify your identity for Comcast. XFINITY on Campus NEVER sees your password. The login page is maintained by BC, not XFINITY on Campus. Once Bridgewater College confirms your credentials, they return your status to the XFINITY on Campus service.

How to reset your password/Forgot Password?

If you've forgotten your password or need it reset, please contact your school's IT Help Desk for assistance.

How many devices can I register? How many shows may I watch simultaneously?

 You may register 3 devices with XFINITY on Campus but only stream video to one device at a time. You can deregister a device at any time.

How do I find a specific show and all of its upcoming episodes?

 The XFINITY on Campus app allows you to search VOD programs by name. All live TV channels, plus XFINITY On DemandTM  TV shows and movies, that are provided to Bridgewater College are available for viewing on your device at any time.

I'm getting an error message when I try to access XFINITY onCampus or the video won't play.

 Before contacting the IT Center Help Desk, please try the following steps:

• Confirm that you are on-campus and connected to the campus IP network.

• Close then reopen the XFINITY on Campus video player and try again.

• If the video will still not play, see if another video from the same network or programmer, or a different episode will play.

Still not paying? Try a different channel or program entirely to confirm the operation of the app.

I get an error message when I enter my college username and password. What should I do? (Or maybe, I've forgotten my college user name and/or password, what should I do?)

 Contact the IT Center Help Desk.

Why are XFINITY on Campus channel numbers different than what I see on my TV? 

 XFINITY on Campus IP-Video channel numbers match the Comcast channel lineup in your location.

Why aren't my university's TV channels available on XFINITY on Campus?

 They may be coming soon.

Why can't off campus students have access to XFINITY on Campus?

 XFINITY on Campus is part of the Bridgewater College on-campus TV service.

Do I have to pay anything additional for XFINTY on Campus?

Except for any additional subscription services you elect to purchase, there is no additional charge for XFINITY on Campus live streaming TV and XFINITY OnDemand programming. It is part of your current on-campus TV service.


FAQ's related to purchasing premium content

What form of payment do you accept?

 Comcast accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card at this time but are continually investigating additional payment capabilities and will introduce them whenever possible.

What is your policy on refunds?

 Services are paid one month in advance. Upon cancelling your service, you are entitled to continue watching XFINITY on Campus video for the balance of that month. We do not offer refunds once a credit card has been charged.

Why is my credit card being declined? (General)

There could be several reasons why a credit card is being declined. Make sure credit card number, expiration date, and verification code are correct.

Billing address must be valid and must match the address associated with the credit card.

Why is my credit card being declined? (Address Verification Failed)

The denial reason being returned from your credit card company is "Address Verification Failed". It would appear that the address you're entering doesn't match that which your credit card has on file. A suggestion would be for you to try another credit card or contact your credit card company to get a better understanding of that error message.

Why have I been charged multiple times when a failure occurred?

 This may be an issue with your credit card company. If you experienced a payment failure (due to an invalid address, for example) your credit card company actually charged you an authorization charge. Once the issue was corrected, they subsequently charged you for the actual purchase. Please contact your credit card company directly and discuss this matter with them. Obviously, if you find that you've been charged multiple times, please get back to us and we'll help to rectify the situation.

Who can I call if I have Billing or Credit Card questions?

 Please call Comcast at (877) 978-3229 regarding any billing support or credit card issues regarding your XFINITY on Campus services. 

Is my payment and data secure?

 All transactions and data are sent to secure servers utilizing 128-bit encryption, viaSSL (Secured Sockets Layer).

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