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Using the Xfinity on Campus service
Posted by Aaron Klein on 31 July 2014 01:55 PM

The Xfinity on Campus product provides students with a large array of digital video content.  Students have access to all of the Bridgewater cable TV channels in both SD(standard definition) and HD(high definition) resolutions.  In addition to viewing live tv programming, users will have access to a large collection of On Demand programming and premium channels (monthly fee applied for premium content).


Once users have logged in to the Xfinity on Campus service, they will see the Live TV channel grid of current programming.  An example is below.  The Live TV listings do look different from the On Demand listings.

Scroll down on this listing until you find a channel or program you wish to watch.  You can also search for programming by clicking the magnifying glass icon, in the upper right corner of the screen, and type the name of the program your looking to watch.  Remember, this is the Live TV listings so it is possible the program you wish to watch may not be currently airing and if so you may not be able to find it.  If this is the case, you may have better luck looking in the "On Demand" section by clicking the words "On Demand" in the middle at the top of the screen.  An example of the On Demand listings are below.  As you can see, the On Demand section of the site looks much different than the Live TV listings.


For Live TV, once you find the program you wish to watch, click on it in the channel line up view and the grid will expand to provide you more information about the specific episode that is currently being aired.  Click "Watch" to view the current airing program.  Remember if the program has already started, you will begin to view the program at the point the show is at during the broadcast.

While watching the program, in the upper right of the screen, you will see a speaker icon.  Across the entire top of the screen is the volume level slider.  Slide it to the left to lower the program's volume and to the right to increase the volume.  In addition beside the speaker icon, you will find a channel up/down button.  If you wish to change the channel after starting a program, you can click on this icon to have the channel guide expand on the right side of your screen.  

Expanded channel lineup whle watching a live TV program.

Lastly, at any time you can click the gear icon in the upper right to open the settings menu.  From here, you can view any premium subscriptions you may have, set parental controls, as well as see a listing of the current devices authorized to use the service.  At this time, there is a limit to three devices being authorized at any one time.  Should you wish to watch on a fourth device, the first device used will be automaticly removed.  You can also go to this listing and remove any device you may want at any time.

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