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Xfinity On Campus - Live TV on your computer and mobile devices
Posted by Aaron Klein on 31 July 2014 08:57 AM

Students may now watch live TV from their personal devices including Windows and Mac computers, iOS devices and Andorid devices while on campus.  The channels available for viewing over your personal device include the same channels that you can view on your TV in your dorm using the wired cable TV connection.  The bulk of the Xfinity on Campus service is free to all resident students.  Students will have the ability to purchase premium content should they so desire.

There are a few restrictions on using this service.  Students with an active on campus room assignment are permitted to use this service.  We regret that we can not provide this service to commuters or those living off campus.  Additionally the service is only avialble in the dorms and on the campus wireless network.  If you attempt to use this service from a location off campus or while VPNed back into campus the service will not work.

To login go to, you should see something simular to the below image.

Select "Bridgewater College" from the drop down menu.

From there select the "Login" button.  In subsequent logins this is what may come up vs having to select Bridgewater College from the list.

This will take you to the McKinney login page where you will enter your campus Username and Password (the same information you use to login to MyBC or your Eagles Email).

The following few items will only appear the first time you login to the service.  Subsequent logins will bypass these two screens.

Review the Terms and Conditions of the Xfinity on Campus service, check the "Accept Terms & Conditions" box and click Continue.

From here you will need to enter a few user registration items.  Note the only fields that are required are your email address, and your on campus address (line 1).  We suggest you put your dorm building and room information in the campus address field.  The IT Center suggests leaving non required fields blank as well as unchecking the box where it says you would like to receive special email offers.

Once you click submit you will be logged into the Xfinity on Campus service and will see a screen simular to the one below.  Select the "Start Watching Now" button to move into the online channel guide.  If you wish to purchse premium services like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz or the sports package select the "Go Premium" button. In addition you can download the iOS or Andoid applications from this page as well.

After selecting the "Start Watching Now" button you will need to select "Bridgewater College" from the drop down menu again to login to the player application.

After clicking the "Go" button above you will see that the system is authenticating your username to our channel line up.  This process may take 15-20 seconds.

After the authenication process completes you there wil be a channel grid in your browser.  Please reference the Using Xfinity On Campus article for information about navigating within the service.

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