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Correct issue with PDF's not wanting to print
Posted by Aaron Klein on 03 February 2014 09:48 AM

Some systems are having difficulty printing PDF's from the web.  This article is to help you make changes to Adobe Reader to change the default behavior from opening a PDF within the web browser to opening the PDF directly with Acrobat.  This solves nearly all PDF printing issues.

From the start menu,  type "Adobe" in the search box and select "Adobe Acrobat" from the search results.

Click the Edit menu and then select "Preferences"

When the Preferences menu opens, select "Internet" from the left menu options.  (See the image below for reference).  Once you have selected "Internet" you sill see the Web Browser Options on the right side of the screen. You will see an option that says "Display PDF in browser".  This box is likely checked, uncheck this option so it appears as the image below.  Click the box to deselect this option and then click OK to save your setting and then close Acrobat.  Next time you open a PDF on the web it should open Adobe Acrobat and display the PDF vs showing it within the browser window.


Adobe Options

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