Google Drive, what is it and why should I use it?
Posted by Aaron Klein on 18 September 2013 03:07 PM


What is Google Drive

Google drive is cloud based storage that is available to all Bridgewater students.  With Google Drive students have access to 30GB of free internet based file storage, Google Drive space is shared with your email.  Standard Google accounts have a limit of 15GB but accounts associated with Bridgewater receive double this amount of space.  Another way of looking at it is that Google Drive is the equivalent of having a 30GB USB drive in the internet.  Files stored in Google Drive can be accessed from multiple devices including your Windows or Mac computers and android, iOS or Windows based tablets and phones.  Individual files or folders stored on your Google Drive can be shared with different users as well as documents created with Google Docs can have multiple people working on the document at once.  This is great for group collaboration projects.


Using Google Drive to backup files from your PC

Students can use Google Drive to backup files from their computers to the internet automatically up to the 30GB limit.  Just save the files to your Google Drive folder and they are automatically synced to your online Google Drive account.  These files can then be accessed from the web using a web browser, from your phone or tablet or from another computer with Google Drive installed.


Installing Google Drive

Detailed information on installing and using Google Drive can be found in this article.

Additional information on Google Drive

Google has several articles already written that discus the finer details of Google Drive and its uses.

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