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Voice Mail Set Up
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 10:35 AM

This article will help you setup your new voice mail box. After setting up voice mail new phone messages will be delivered to your email inbox just as if they were emails. If you have your smart phone configured to sync with your email this means you will also receive your voice mail messages to your inbox on your smart phone.





In Outlook, click on File and the select Voice Mail:






This will open your browser window with Outlook Web App. Log in and if you are not already in the Phone section click on Phone tab on the left hand pane. 








Create your greetings – To the right of the PIN reset area you can click on the link to record your personal greeting. Make sure your extension is correct, click on dial. When your phone rings pick it up and follow the instructions that will follow. If you are not at your office you can use your mobile or home phone number by replacing your extension with the appropriate number. If you do so, make sure you include the area code.





Change your PIN – The pin is randomly generated and only used when calling Outlook Voice Access. After recording your greeting follow the menu instructions to change your pin if you so wish.






Forward calls to Exchange – 

**Important note** If your phone is currently forwarded to another number like the old voice mail number you must first cancel the old forward.  To do this pick up the phone and press # 6 and then hang up.  If your phone is not forwarded (calls not answered just ring and ring for ever then you may go onto the next step)

On your phone, press *6 to forward Busy/No Answer calls, or *5 to forward all calls. You will hear a pulsing tone. Enter 3750 for Exchange to answer your calls. You will then hear a constant tone confirming your forwarding. Hang up.






NOTE: If this last step is not completed voice mail will NOT pickup your calls in the event that you are on the phone or away from the phone when a call comes in.

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