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Text (SMS) notifications for calendar and email
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 09:59 AM

With our new email server it is possible to setup text or SMS notifications for calendar events as well as other events like the recept of a new voice mail or e-mail. This article will guide you through the setup for calendar and email notices. There is an existing article on voice mail text notificationsNOTE: Standard text messaging fees will apply to your cell phone.  Do not enable this feature if you pay per text message or at the least be aware of the possible charges that may result.

To setup text notifications or modify existing notifications from outlook select the File menu and select Manage Voice Mail from the list of icons. It will likely be the last icon in the list.

If you are off campus or do not use the Outlook application login to Outlook Web Mail.

After logging in you will see your email as usual. On the right select the Options drop down menu and then select "See All Options..."

On the right of the screen select "Text Messaging" from the menu and continue with the directions below.

You should see a screen similar to the one below.  On this screen you will be able to setup calendar notifications as well as email notifications.  If you have not previously setup your cell phone to receive voice mail text notifications then the status may be listed as "Off" and there will be a link to "Turn On Notifications.."  If you have not yet done so you will need to enable text notifications to your cell phone.  Information on how to do that can be found in the article about setting up voice mail text notifications.

If you wish to remove all text notification settings click the "Delete Settings..." button which will remove your cell phone information from the system and you will no longer receive any text notifications for calendar, email or voice mail.

To setup a calendar notification click on "Set up calendar notification..." and a new window will open up with various options.  From here you can select to be notified by text message when your calendar is updated within a specific period of time, for meeting reminders as well as to receive a daily agenda of all items on your calendar at a specific time of day.  Be sure to select the Save link at the bottom to save your selections.

If  you select the "Set up e-mail notifications using an Inbox rule..." a dialog box will open up allowing you to configure various Inbox rules. 

After selecting the rule under the "When the message arrives, and:" box move on to the "Do the following:" box. To setup text message notification click the "* Select one..." link to pick a pre-defined cell number to send the text message to. Additional options can be selected by clicking the "More Options..." button.

Under More Options you can add additional steps to the "Do the following" area as well as add exceptions to the rule based on several predefined conditions.

Lastly provide the rule a name and click the save button at the bottom of the screen. After doing this you will receive a text message on your cell phone whenever an email arrives to your inbox that fits the rule or rules you have setup.

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