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Voice Mail text (SMS) notifications
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 09:42 AM

This article will help guide you through the setup of text notifications for voice mail.  In addition to voice mail it is possible to receive text messages for other events like calendar notifications, as well as e-mail notifications. This will be useful to individuals who wish to know when they have a new voice mail message and they do not have a smart phone. Smart phone users can configure their phones to sync with their outlook email and will have voice mail notices available to them that way. 

NOTE: Standard text messaging fees will apply to your cell phone. Do not enable this feature if you pay per text message or at the least be aware of the possible charges that may result.




To setup text notifications from outlook select the File menu and select Manage Voice Mail from the list of icons. It will likely be the last icon in the list.



If you are off campus or do not use the Outlook application login to Outlook Web Mail.

After logging in you will see your email as usual. On the right select the Options drop down menu and then select "See All Options..."

On the right of the screen select "Phone" from the menu and continue with the directions below.

Scroll down till you see on the right side the notifications section.


By default text notifications are disabled. You can select to enable text notifications when you have a new voice mail or when you have a new voice mail and you miss a call. Missed calls are when someone is transferred to your voice mail but does not leave a message and hangs up the phone instead.


If this is the first time setting up text notifications click the link that says "I want to edit my notification settings..." This will open a new window asking you to select your country and cell carrier. Currently the only cell companies supported in the US are AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. If you use a cell company other than these four text notifications are not possible. This list of carriers is maintained by Microsoft and is not something we can modify.




After making the appropriate selections click the Next button. On this screen you will need to enter your 10 digit cell number. Do not include formatting like ( ) or - in the number.


Upon clicking the Next button after entering  your 10 digit cell number the voice mail system will send a SMS message to your cell phone with a passcode.  Enter the passcode you receive on your cell phone in the next window.

After entering the passcode and clicking Finish the setup for text notifications is complete. You will also get a SMS text to your cell phone informing you that text message notification have been setup successfully.


At this point you can select to either receive text messages only when you have a new voice mail OR when you have a new voice mail as well as a missed call. Be sure to click the Save link at the bottom of the browser window after making your selection or your changes will not be saved.






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