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Changing your Voice Mail Greetings
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 09:12 AM

This article is to help you setup an away greeting or modify an existing greeting as well as select which greeting will play when your voice mailbox answers.

To setup an away greeting or modify an existing greeting from outlook select the File menu and select Manage Voice Mail from the list of icons. It will likly be the last icon in the list.

If you are off campus or do not use the Outlook application login to Outlook Web Mail.

After logging in you will see your email as usual. On the right select the Options drop down menu and then select "See All Options..."

On the right of the screen select "Phone" from the menu and continue with the directions below.

Changing your greetings

You can choose which greeting will be played to callers when you're not available or you don't answer your phone. To record a greeting, click the "Call me to play or record the selected greeting..." link. The system will use the Play on Phone number to call you and allow you to setup your greetings.  After changing which greeting is to be played be sure to click the Save link in the bottom right of the browser window.  Your option will not be saved with out first clicking this Save link.

The default voice mail greeting is the greeting that was setup your voice mail was initially setup. You can also setup an away greeting or in the old system an 'alternate' greeting by selecting the "Greeting that lets callers know I'll be away for an extended period of time" If this greeting has not yet been setup you will need to also click the "Call me to play or record the selected greeting..." to setup the initial alternate greeting.

After clicking the link "Call me to play or record the selected greeting..." a small dialog box will appear with the default Play on Phone number. If this number is correct just click the Dial link to have voice mail dial your phone and prompt you to listen or record the selected greeting. If the number is incorrect you may change the number. If the desired number is an on campus extension just enter the four digit extension. If the number is an outside number like your cell phone or house enter the number in 10 digit format similar to 5404340000 excluding the 9 as well as other formatting like ( ) and -.

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