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Voice Mail call answering rules
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 08:57 AM

Using the options in the Call Answering Rules section, you can create rules that specify how you want incoming calls to be handled. They can set up call answering rules to handle calls based on a condition such as the time of the day, transfer an incoming call to another phone number, or use the Find Me feature to call other phone numbers that they set up.

If you don't create call answering rules, incoming callers will be sent directly to your voice mail.

To setup a call answering rule from outlook select the File menu and select Manage Voice Mail from the list of icons. It will likly be the last icon in the list.

If you are off campus or do not use the Outlook application login to Outlook Web Mail.

After logging in you will see your email as usual. On the right select the Options drop down menu and then select "See All Options..."

On the right of the screen select "Phone" from the menu and continue with the directions below.



Call Answering - New Rule
  • The New Rule button is used to add a new call answering rule. By default, no rules are set up, so all callers will be forwarded to their voice mail when they're not available.
Call Answering - Edit Rule
  • The Edit button is used to change an existing call answering rule.
Delete Rule for Call Answering
  • The Delete button is used to remove an existing call answering rule.
Call Answering - Up Arrow
  • This arrow is used to move a call answering rule up in the processing order.
Call Answering Down Arrow
  • This arrow is used to move a call answering rule down in the processing order.




After clicking the New Rule link the rules wizard window will appear to help walk you through the creation of your call answering rule.

Start by giving the rule a name and then add one of the conditions to the right. When your rule is complete select the Save and Close link. Be careful when setting up a call answering rule as you may have unexpected results. Should a rule not work as you have expected you may delete it.


Use this feature at your own risk. The IT Center does not support the use of call answering rules and will suggest the deletion of any rule that is not behaving as you expect.



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