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Voice Mail Preview or Transcription
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 08:51 AM

Voice Mail Preview is a new feature with our latest voice mail implementation.  Voice Mail Preview enhances voice mail functionality by providing a text version of the audio recording. The voice mail text is displayed in e-mail messages within Outlook as well as Outlook Web Access.

The following examples show how Voice Mail Preview is displayed in Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010:

Outlook Web App

Note the text is not blue.  The voicemail preview text using Outlook Web App is not linked to the audio but the text is searchable using the Outlook search box.

Outlook application

Note the text is now blue. If you click a word for example "call" in the second sentence the audio recording will start to play at that point so the audio will begin with "call back at ..." Clicking the text can be helpful in quickly getting to an important part of the message or playing back a section that is unclear.

The text within the Voice Mail Preview is searchable using either the OWA search box or Outlook's search feature. In addition to the voice mail preview if you have placed notes within the voicemail message those notes can also be searched. These notes are also included in searches, to make it easier to locate a message.

This is a new technology and as such it is not always 100% accurate. Voice mail preview is best seen as a way of quickly getting the main idea of what a voice mail message is about. It should not be used as a substitute for actually listening to the message.

How do I turn Voice Mail preview OFF?

You can turn off the Voice Mail preview feature if you wish.

Outlook 2010

To access the Voice Mail Preview settings in Outlook 2010, on the File tab, they click Manage Voice Mail.


Outlook Web App

To access the Voice Mail Preview settings in Outlook Web App, they click Options > Go to Options > Phone > Voice Mail. On the Voice Mail tab, the following settings are available in the Voice Mail Preview window.


When this check box is selected, the user will see a text preview of the voice messages they receive. By default, this box is selected.


When this check box is selected, a text preview will be sent along with voice messages that the user sends. By default, this box is selected.

After changing your voice mail preview options be sure to click the Save link in the bottom right of the browser window. Your option will not be saved with out first clicking this Save link.

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