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Using the Play on phone feature in Voice Mail
Posted by Aaron Klein on 11 May 2013 08:28 AM

This article will help you understand what the Plan on Phone feature is in voice mail and how to configure it.


What is the Play on Phone feature?


The Play on Phone feature lets users play specific voice messages over a telephone. If your computer does not have speakers or you are in a place where you do not want your voice mail to play so other can year you can select the Play on Phone feature to have the voice mail system call the specified phone number and upon answering the phone it will play you the voicemail message.


When the user clicks the Play on Phone toolbar button or the one in the reading pane the Play on Phone dialog box appears.




If you open the email message in its own window the play on phone button can be found in the tab menu bar on the far right.


If you read your email using the Reading Pane then the play on phone button will be within the message itself between the Play button and the Edit Notes button.


The Play on Phone dialog box provides the controls for selecting or inputting the telephone number to use to play a voice message, starting and ending the call, and a status message for monitoring the call. You can change the number the system will call you at by entering it the Dial box. For a campus extensions just enter the four digit extension. If you’re having the system call an outside local number enter the number using its 10 digit format and unlike the example do NOT include a 9 or other formatting like ( ) and -. The system will remember the last several numbers used and they can be selected using the down arrow in the number entry box.




Only one voice message can be played at the same time. If you try to start a second Play on Phone call while a previous call is still in progress, an error message will appear.


How do I change the Play on Phone number?


Your campus extension will likely be the default phone number used for the Play on Phone feature. If you wish to change it you may do so using the following information.


From outlook select the File menu and select Manage Voice Mail from the list of icons. It will likely be the last icon in the list.



If you are off campus or do not use the Outlook application login to Outlook Web Mail.

After logging in you will see your email as usual. On the right select the Options drop down menu and then select "See All Options..."

On the right of the screen select "Phone" from the menu and continue with the directions below.


Using the scroll bar on the right scroll down until you see the Play on Phone section pictured below. Your extension should be listed in the box. If you wish to have the system call another number when the Play on Phone feature is used you can place that number in this box. If it is an off campus number like your Cell phone, only permitted if your cell phone number is a local call from campus, enters your number in 10 digit format like this 5404340000. Do not include number formatting like ( ) or - in the number. Do not prefix the number with a 9 as the voice mail system will do this for you.  After changing the play on phone number sure to click the Save link in the bottom right of the browser window. Your option will not be saved with out first clicking this Save link.



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