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Encrypting disk with Bitlocker
Posted by Aaron Klein on 09 May 2013 02:50 PM

College issued laptops that are used by a single employee are required to utilize full disk encryption. For Windows based systems we utilize Windows Bitlocker which requires the entry of a PIN prior to allowing the computer to boot. This article will walk the user through the process of setting up their PIN for the first time as well as starting the disk encryption process.

Soon after being issued a college laptop or within a few hours of having your laptop reloaded the following window will appear.  Click the "Start" button to begin the encryption process.  The process that requires your intervention will take no more than 1 minute to complete.  It will take several hours for the computer to encrypt the hard drive but you can do your normal work during this process as well as restart or shutdown the computer at any time during the encryption process.  The system will resume encryption when the system starts up if it has not finished.

After selecting start from the window above you will be asked to create a PIN. This PIN can be numbers or letters or any combination as long as it is longer than 4 characters and less than 20. Enter your PIN in both the PIN and Confirm PIN fields and click the "Create PIN" link.

After clicking the Create PIN link the system will begin to encrypt the hard drive. The following window will be displayed and the window can be closed as it will not interrupt the encryption process. From this point you have setup disk encryption and the system will work in the background encryption the hard drive. Upon the systems next restart you will need to enter the PIN you just created. This PIN will need to be entered every time the computer is turned on after being shutdown, restarted or put into hibernation.

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