Changing the Bitlocker PIN
Posted by Aaron Klein on 09 May 2013 09:44 AM

College issued laptops that are used by a single employee are required to utilize full disk encryption. For Windows based systems we utilize Windows Bitlocker which requires the entry of a PIN prior to allowing the computer to boot. These directions will walk the user through the process of resetting or changing their PIN.

From the Windows desktop select the Start button and then select Control Panel.  The control panel will open.  If it does not appear like the screen shot below select the "View by:" menu and change it from Category to "Small Icons".  Select the option that is highlighted "BitLocker Encryption Options"  do NOT select the option to the left of the one that is highlighted.

The Microsoft Bitlocker Admin and Monitoring window should open showing that the main hard drive has the encryption turned on. Select the link that reads "Manage your PIN". In addition there are links to Microsoft documentation about Bitlocker on the right.

After selecting the "Manage your PIN" link a new screen will appear presenting you with the ability to reset your PIN. Select a PIN that you will not forget and will not need to have written down. Writing the PIN down and leaving it with the laptop totally defeats the security of encrypting the system in the first place. The PIN must be at least 4 characters in length and should contain both numbers and letters. After entering your PIN in both fields click the Reset PIN link to change your PIN. After clicking the Reset PIN link your PIN is changed immediately and this is what you will need to enter next time the computer is restarted or placed into hibernation.

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