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How do I login to the WEPA kiosk
Posted by Aaron Klein on 23 August 2011 11:54 AM

You may login to the WEPA kiosks using one of several methods.  This article will outline how to login using each method and why you may chose to login with one of the methods over another.

There are two ways to login, you may select to either use your Username/Password, or Campus Card (BC ID Card).  The third option has not been implemented here at BC and is labled User Pin.

Users will need to login with their username and password under two main conditions.  If you have lost your BC ID card or you have recently had your ID card reprinted.  There will be a delay of upwards to 1 day from when we reprint your ID card until it will work to log you into the WEPA kiosk.

Logging in with your BC email address and WEPA password select the Username/Password. 

  • Select Username/Password from the submenu that appears after pressing the User Login button on the welcome screen.
  • Upon doing so a screen will appear with an onscreen keyboard.  Under the username field you can enter only your UserID (ex. abc123) and in the bottom left push the to enter the rest of your email address.  Push the password field to advance the cursor to the next field and then enter your WEPA password.  You can also advance the cursor by pushing the "Next Input Field" button on the keyboard.

  • Once the full email address has been entered and your WEPA password push the Login button to complete the login process.

Login is to utilize your BC ID card.

Select the User Login button on the main welcome screen and then select Campus Card.

A screen will prompt you to put your BC ID card into the card reader.  Note that the large black mag stripe needs to be face down and orented toward the right.  Slide the card in and remove quickly.  If the reader was able to read the card correctly you will be taken to a screen that displays the print jobs you have printed within the last 24 hours to the WEPA system.  If there was an issue reading yoru card a message reporting that you could not be logged in using this method will be displayed.  This may mean there is an issue with yoru card or if you recently had the card reprinted we have not yet synced your new card number with the WEPA system.

Logging in using a release code.

After a print job has been sent to the WEPA printers the final screen you see will look simular to the one below where a release code is presented.

If you make note of the release code you may use this to quickly login and print a single document.  If you wish to print multiple documents you should use your campus card so you may select multiple jobs to print. 

From the WEPA welcome screen select the Release Code button.  A screen simular to below will appear with a keybord for you to enter the release code for the desired job.

After entering the release code push the "Get Print File" button to login and display the single job for printing.

After you have logged in with either of the above methods a screen simular to the one below will be presented.  If you have sent multiple jobs within the last 24 hours to the WEPA printers they will be listed.  Select each job you wish to print and then select the method of payment.  If you used the release code method of loggin in you will only see the single print job that is assocated with the particular release code provided.

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