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Where are the WEPA kiosks on campus?
Posted by Aaron Klein on 27 June 2011 09:32 AM

WEPA stands for Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere, these kiosks utilize the latest in print technology to provide easy to use  and quality printing for our students. 

Each WEPA station provides high quality black and color printing.  There are 16 such kiosk in 11 different buildings on campus.  Students may print to these kiosks from their personal computers as well as college systems.  Each location is listed below. Additionally, a map of campus and the various locations can be found on the kiosk itself.

  • Alexander Mack Memorial Library 1st floor (2, 1 of which is ADA height)
  • Blue Ridge Hall: 1st floor lounge
  • Bowman Hall: 1st floor lounge, 310
  • Daleville Hall: 1st Floor lounge
  • Dillon Hall: 1st Floor lounge
  • Flory Hall: 2nd floor lounge
  • Geisert Hall: 1st floor lounge
  • Kline Campus Center: Eagles Nest
  • McKinney Center: 1st and 2nd floor lounges
  • Memorial Hall: 1st floor centeral hallway
  • Nininger Hall: 1st Floor HES hallway
  • Wampler Towers: Tower D Commons room
  • Wright-Heritage Link: 1st floor lounge above cafe'

Students may add funds on their WEPA account that do not expire.  For single-sided items there is a charge of $.08/page for black and $.45/page for color prints. Two sided documents have the following charges: $.15/sheet for black and $.83/sheet for color. 

There are three ways to pay for your print job when printing to the WEPA print kiosk. You can pay for your prints using a balance that is on your WEPA print account, use a credit card at the print kiosk to pay for the print job, or pay using a prepaid WEPA print card.  When you log into the kiosk and select the print job you wish to print you will be given a choice to use one of these methods.  Note:  there will be a $.20 surcharge to print jobs paid for via credit card at the kiosk.  You can avoid this surcharge by paying from your WEPA account. You can add value to your WEPA account by swiping a credit card at the WEPA kiosk, and there is no surcharge for doing this. Prepaid WEPA print cards can be purchased in the campus bookstore.

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