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Printing to the WEPA kiosk
Posted by Aaron Klein on 27 June 2011 09:03 AM

WEPA Print KioskHow to Print with WEPA

There are three ways to print using a WEPA kiosk:

1) WEB

Printing an Uploaded File. You can print previously saved documents by simply uploading them to the WEPA web site.  Uploading a file is only available for the following types of documents, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF :

  • Go to
  • Login to your WEPA account
  • Click the Print Now button
  • Click Browse. Browse to the location on your computer where your files are stored. Select the file you want to print, then click Upload.
  • Select your Print Options
  • Click Send to WEPA
  • Your file will be uploaded to the WEPA server and assigned a release code. Make note of your release code, then click Close.
  • Click Print Now to upload more documents, or Logout to exit.
  • Go to any WEPA kiosk and sign in with your release code. You will be able to release your print job, and the cost of the prints will be deducted from your WEPA account.




2) USB

Printing from a USB Drive. You can print directly from your USB drive at any WEPA print kiosk. This option does not require you to have a WEPA account.

  • Go to any WEPA kiosk
  • On the main screen, select Print from USB
  • Insert your USB drive into the USB slot
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to print your document
  • Documents printed directly from a USB drive must be in either PDF or Microsoft Office format

3) Local

Printing from Word, Internet Explorer, etc. If you are at a computer that has the WEPA client installed, you will be prompted to login to your WEPA account whenever you print a document from an application:

  • With your document open, select File, then Print
  • When prompted for a printer, choose "WEPA-BW" for black or "WEPA-COLOR" for color. (WEPA-BW will be the default)
  • Select your print options for your document (singled sided, duplex, etc)
  • After selecting the print button on the print options screen a summary window will appear displaying the job's name, number of pages and type of print (Black/White or Color)

  • Login to your WEPA account when prompted.  Click the proceed button to login using your full BC email address and WEPA password.   Note you only need to enter your user ID portion of your email address. 

  • Your print job will be uploaded to the WEPA system, and assigned a release code.

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