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Forefront Client Security / Endpoint Protection
Posted by Aaron Klein on 25 February 2011 09:24 AM

In the spring of 2011 the IT Center replaced the anti-malware protection on campus computers from Microsoft Forefront Client Security to Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010.  This change is simply a move to the latest edition of Microsoft's enterprise anti-malware protection software.  During this time you may notice the icon on the computer's system tray has changed from the green check mark to a green shield .

Those of you who are familiar with Microsoft Security Essentials will notice that Endpoint Protection looks the same.  This is because both products are based on the same base protection system.  Basically Endpoint Protection is the enterprise equivalent of Security Essentials.

Please notify the IT Center Help Desk in the event that the green shield changes to yellow or red.  These colors will indicate a possible problem with the software.  These possible problems could leave your system vulnerable to malware attack.

Forefront Endpoint Protection is configured to perform daily quick scans at 3AM as well as a weekly full scan on Saturdays at 3AM.  These scans can only occur if you leave the computer on.  In the event that the system misses a scheduled scan more than 2 days in a row the software will perform the scan as soon as it can.  What this means is if you leave the computer off over the weekend a full scan will begin Monday morning.  To prevent this from affecting your work day please leave the computer on over the weekend so the system can perform its updates and scans as designed.  We schedule these tasks during off hours on purpose so as to provide the least impact to productivity while at the same time providing good levels of protection.

At any time during the day should you feel the need you may run a quick or full scan on your system.  If you select custom you may select external USB drives to scan or select specific folders to scan.  We do not recommend you scan network drives.  We perform these functions during non working hours and scanning the network drives could slow down performance for other users.

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