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Setting speed dial on digital phone sets
Posted by Aaron Klein on 15 October 2010 10:24 AM

Users with the NEC digital phones (phones with LCD displays) can make use of unused line buttons for speed dials.  There are some important restrictions to note.  First a button that is used for another feature cannot be used as a speed dial button.  To establish if a button is already in use on the phone go off hook (pickup the hand set) and press the line button.  If the button lights green or is lit red the button is already in use by the phone and cannot be used as a speed dial.  If you press the button and nothing happens (no lights on the button and the display does not change in any way) then the button can be used as a speed dial.  The second exception is that the last two buttons on each row going left to right cannot be set as speed dial.  This is a restriction of the phone system itself and cannot be overcome.


With the phone on hook (idle)


1. Press the Feature key


2. Press the line button you wish to make a speed dial


3. Dial the digits you wish to store as a speed dial (if this is an outside line include 9)


4. Press the Feature key to store the speed dial


Once this has been done the display will show "Speed Set"

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